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རྡོ་སྒྲུང་། VOICES OF THE STONE: a film preview with Dorje Tsering Chenaktsang 

རྡོ་སྒྲུང་། VOICES OF THE STONE: a film preview with Dorje Tsering Chenaktsang 
Friday, April 15
6:00 pm–8:00 pm

Little known to the outside world, the Land of Snows is seeing a craze for minerals as wild and desperate as the gold rush was in the United States 150 years ago. Voices of the Stone follows two entrepreneurs as they attempt to enter the mining market, and the various paths and choices they face. The film is set against the vast and majestic landscape of northern Tibet—its fauna, its herdsmen, their customs and the struggle for survival; the pilgrims and the small anecdotes of daily life—these are shown in slow motion as one of planet Earth’s ultimate primeval environments. Dorje Tsering will present his work-in-progress, and a discussion session with the filmmaker will follow the screening.

In Tibetan with English subtitles. 70 minutes.

This event is free, but space is limited. Please register at

Dorje Tsering Chenaktsang

Dorje Tsering Chenaktsang

Dorje Tsering Chenaktsang is a filmmaker, poet, writer, and artist from Amdo. His documentary films include Tantric Yogi, Kokonor, Ani Lachem, and Yartsa Rinpoche, which was featured in a week-long run at the Lens on Tibet film exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in 2014. He is the co-author of the screenplay of the acclaimed film Prince of the Himalayas. Dorje Tsering is also a well-established poet, one of the most well-known in contemporary Tibet. His works, published under his penname Jangbu, have also been translated and published in different languages, including an English translation The Nine-Eyed Agate, and in French, Le hachoir invisibile. He currently lives in France.

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