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Tromdu: Book Giveaway!

Tromdu: Book Giveaway!
Saturday, September 21, 2013

In central Tibetan areas, tromdu (ཁྲོམ་དུས།) is the annual market day—a unique chance for nomads, artisans, and farmers to journey from villages across the region, pitch tents, and exchange their crafts, food, and products—sometimes for money, often for other goods.

As we make room for new books for our library, we're delighted to invite you to come out for our own tromdu. We will be giving away and selling at deep discounts:

  • books and journals in Tibetan, English, Chinese, and other languages on Tibetan studies and Tibetan Buddhism
  • literature from the Himalayas
  • books on Himalayan art
  • academic and popular titles CDs and DVDs
  • works of calligraphy
  • dictionaries
  • books on development
  • pecha (long loose-leaf Tibetan books)
  • and much more.

This will also be a great opportunity to check out and purchase some of our own publications: a new book on Gendun Chopel's life and art, two volumes of papers from our Minority Languages in Today's Global Society lecture series, and the first volume of conference proceedings from the Third International Conference on Tibetan Language. All your donations will go to supporting our ongoing work on the Tibetan Plateau, so be sure to bring your checkbooks and credit cards.


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