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TibetColor: Silk Patterns + Inspirations

TibetColor: Silk Patterns + Inspirations


Thursday, October 13, 2016

The first exhibition of Tibetan thangka and appliqué masters Terris and Leslie Nguyen Temple

Tibetan thangka and appliqué artists Terris and Leslie Nguyen Temple join us for two weeks in October, exploring their work and passion for the natural world through an inaugural exhibition, workshops, and screenings of a captivating documentary about the creation of giant silk appliqué thangkas in Tibet.

Terris Temple's paintings featuring the calligraphy offered by H.H. the 17th Karmapa will be revealed, illuminating the deep-rooted connection between the Karmapa and his official artist.

This event offers the inaugural presentation of the artists’ works inspired by traditional thangkas, which evolved from their projects in Tibet and expanded along the way into environmental and contemporary themes.

For the first time ever they will share their story of the giant appliqués made in the ancient tradition of the Karma Kagyu Lineage. The 4th Karmapa designed the first giant appliqué in the 14th century, after one of his students had a vision of a Buddha image over 100 meters tall, and the tradition has continued ever since.

Tsurphu: The Giant Appliqués will explore the background of Leslie and Terris helping in the creation of the giant thangkas. This was the first time Westerners collaborated with a Tibetan team in Tibet on making sacred images.

With stunning archival video footage featuring construction of the Tsurphu appliqué thangkas, this documentary is a glimpse into a world rarely seen by the West.

During their stay in New York City each artist will also deliver a workshop centered around his or her personal connection with art: Terris will lead an event where he walks participants through decorating a canvas bag, and Leslie will guide a session combining a body-based yoga sequence into intuitive image making.
Some of the art exhibited will be for sale.


Thursday, October 13, 6:30 pm
Opening Reception
Exhibition is open 10/14-10/29 from 10 am-5 pm on weekdays and 11 am-6pm on Saturdays. Closed on Sunday

Saturday, October 15, 3 pm
Tsurphu: The Giant Appliqués
Documentary Screening
Q+A session moderated by Professor Robbie Barnett, Columbia University

Wednesday, October 19, 7 pm
Tsurphu: The Giant Appliqués
Documentary Screening

Saturday, October 22, 2:30 pm
Patterns and Environmental Attitudes: Art Workshop with Terris Temple

Saturday, October 29, 3 pm
5 Elements, 5 Colors: Yoga Workshop with Leslie Nguyen Temple

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