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Tibetan Language in the Digital Era

Tibetan Language in the Digital Era

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Geshe Lobsang Monlam
6:30-8:30 pm

Join us for a talk by Geshe Lobsang Monlam.

Join us for a talk by Geshe Lobsang Monlam on the future of technology as it relates to the Tibetan language. A monk and scholar, Monlam is famous for his development of Tibetan-language computer programs and is the most-well known computer developer amongst Tibetans. A self-taught programmer, he has worked on projects that range from font creation to the first Tibetan-language digital dictionary.

Monlam will be discussing the new developments and improvements in his Tibetan programs, applications and fonts. He will also outline why he insists on a free distribution of services as crucial to the online community as a whole and to Tibetans in particular.

Lobsang Monlam

Lobsang Monlam
Monlam Tibetan Fonts

Ven. Lobsang Monlam is the developer of the Monlam Tibetan font. He was first introduced to computers while completing his monastic studies at Sera Monastery in India. He has continued to develop fonts for public use in Tibetan communities. He also created the Monlam Common Tibetan Pronunciation, which was distributed to Tibetan communities free of cost. He is currently continuing his computer education and is determined to inscribe thick Tibetan Buddhist philosophical treatises into computers in future. In 2001, during the construction of the new prayer hall of Sera Me monastery, he took responsibility for the architecture, the project of building the interior monuments, and the interior and exterior paintings of the big prayer hall.

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