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Pema Tseden Presents "The Weatherman's Legacy"

Pema Tseden Presents "The Weatherman's Legacy"
Thursday, November 15, 2012

Join us for our last in a series of talks by acclaimed director Pema Tseden featuring a screening of his documentary film The Weatherman’s Legacy, made for Discovery Channel Asia in 2004. Filmed in Pema Tseden’s hometown, the film follows a Tibetan shaman who wants to pass down his hailstorm-stopping and rain-making skills to a son who would rather run a video-rental business in the village. Worried that his reputation in the village is slipping, the shaman’s last hope lies with his grandson, who is beginning to learn the ancient incantations. Pema Tseden will discuss the craft of making documentaries as compared to feature films.

Suggested donation $10. Students $5.

Pema Tseden

Pema Tseden

Pema Tseden’s award-winning films (Silent Holy Stones, The Search, Old Dog) have been featured in film festivals around the world and have received acclaim for their nuanced and sensitive portrayals of contemporary life in Tibet. Before he became a filmmaker, Pema Tseden worked as a writer with over fifty published short stories and novellas and a master's degree in language and literature.


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